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Removal of the BUPA REL relationships on the ECC Side

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Hi Experts,

We have the BUPA_REL Relationship maitnaiend in the ECC and we replicate to CRM. when the relationship are ended or deleted in ECC it is not gettign updated on the CRM.  Bdoc errors out and relationship still exists in CRM though it is removed in ECC

Is it standard that end of relationship does not get transferred to CRM . what enhancements do we need to make to get it replicated



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Answers (3)

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The error we are getting is Valid TO End Dates dates are not Valid .

Though on ECC the relationship is removed it is not getting removed on the CRM side.

@George- I could not get what is meant by altruistic change

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Make sure its an altruistic change to the content, and it should work already.

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Hi Vijay,

Could you let us know which precise error you get in the bodcs, the error ID and error number?

Thank you

Best regards - Christophe