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Releasing SAP services to another client

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I am in the process of creating Web services from RFC enabled BAPI's that our development team have put together. I display the BAPI's using Tranasction SE37 then create the web service using the "Web Sevice Creation wizard"

I work on Client 005

Our data resides on Client 500. I need a way to move (Release) the web services to client 500 so that external applications can use them.

In order to move the move the web services to Client 500 I need to use a transport mechanism and aslo release them

I am looking for some documentation to help me carry out the process of moving the services to Client 500. Is there any documentation available that will outline the steps I need to use

I know I need to use transacitons SE10 and STMS but not sure of the deatils

Thanks in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In your target client(500) use transaction SCC1 to copy the web service client dependent configuration from your client 005. You will need to give the number of the source client and the transport number containing the web service client dependent configuration.

Good luck


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Thanks for the help; it worked very well

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