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regarding object links

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I installed crm business package 4.0 and made corresponding changes in crmc_prt_role_mo. I am able to see the object links. got a question:

when clicking on an object link in portal, it is opening in a new window, I want it to be dispalyed in the same window.

how can i acheive that. please help me.


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Have you checked your portal user's Work Protect mode personalization?

Also maybe check note 591394.



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Hi Dom,

Thanks for the reply.. yep i checked it, there is a property called

workprotect.mode.default under

System Administration >System Configuration> Service Configuration -->Applications -->

It accepts 3 values 1,2,3

1 opens a new window always.

2 unsaved data is lost

3 select at runtime

but i would like to have like this

the user should be browsing in the same window, but when there is some unsaved data in that particular window, then a new window should open automatically, so that it will be nice to see and also we are not loosing the functionality (loss of unsaved data).

could you please clarify to can i acheive this.

Thank you

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Hello Hendrik,

I see no way to do what you want. Probably you open an OSS Message and ask SAP for such a functionality.