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Quotation flow into R/3 System

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We are maintained the these currency conversion

Eur to usd, usd to eur – eur to cad, cad to eur – inr to eur and eur to inr

Still we are getting this error

an error has occured in the system TIP while copying the document

Message no. CRM_ORDER_MISC 020


Errors have occured while transferring the document into another system. Refer to the attached log for error messages.

Transmission log

Customizing of currencies for the euro is missing or incomplete (Notification E MQ 427)

Sales document 0200641682 was not changed (Notification E V4 219)

“Is it necessary to maintain the currency conversion rate date same i.e (inr to eur -- 20/12/2007 eur to inr 20/12/2007)?

But we are maintained the different date for the cad & usd

i.e (eur to usd 20/12/2007 and usd to eur 15/12/2007) is this date variations effect the flow?

Can any one help me to solve this issue, its a high priority issue



Edited by: sathish gentila on Dec 20, 2007 1:59 PM

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Answers (1)

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Hi Gskumar,

For the error MQ427, please follow the indications of the note 135661

Please, reward points if it helps you

Regards, José Ignacio