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"Product/Item" Tab on Activity 0020 - Bus.Act. with Prods

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Hi ,

I did create an activity type 0020 - Bus.Act. with Prods , but cannot see an assigment block the enter the Products/Items ?

Via the SAP GUI , same problem , no way to enter Products/Items .


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The activity management deals with BUSINESS ACTIVITY and TASK.

Here Business Activity means is PUBLIC and TASK is PRIVATE.

The difference between BA and TASK is involvment of Business Partner.

You won't find any PRODUCT/ITEM related ASSIGNMENT block for this TXN Categoery.

Bcz process wise we say that activity doesn't deals with PRODUCT/ITEM.

That is why you can unable to see ASSIGNEMENT BLOCK.

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Thank you ,

The business case is the following : The Sales Reps visit a customer and leaves the customer some samples .

Putting that is a text will not be a solution, reporting cannot be done.

Materials are defined is the Master Data file in ECC and in CRM

It is an activity , because of the customer visit .

How to satisfy the scenario ?

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Can you tell me how you created business activity 0020 in CRM 7.0 UI, i'm not able to do this.

Although i can create the same in GUI with Products.

For this i created Activity Journal type & journal template, and assigned template to 0020.



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