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"in update task" and "strings"

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Hi guys,

I tried to extend a table by a string. this table is updated via a function module (Verbuchungsbaustein = in update task). The new rows are submited via the tables option. But this leads to a dump, could it be that it is not possible to use a string there?

Tanks Christian

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Answers (3)

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can u send the snap shot of the dump so that we can figure out what went wrong?

Usually dumps will occur when there is a mis match of parameters in the function module.

please cross check the type of the parameters u r passing to the function module. this will solve the problem.


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if you feel because of that it is giving dump,

then change it to some thing else and try...

use lchar and try...


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I don't think that would be a problem. What does the dump say exactly?



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hi, thanks for the fast answer. something like ... iclservcatt must be a flat structure. you can not use internal tables, strings, references ...