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Programmatically switch between overview's tabs in SAP CRM WebUI

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In our overview there are number of tabs, I need to switch between them programmatically (via ABAP-code) according to some business logic. As far as I know there is ability to implement such task by using of configurations, you can define number of configurations, according to number of tabs and in each configuration define different order of tabs and then to set desired configuration in DO_CONFIG_DETERMINATION( ) according to your business logic. This approach may be suitable when we're dealing with no more, than 2 tabs, but if you have 3…10 tabs it might be difficult to deal and maintenance with such amount of configurations.

Is there any other way to set an active tab, which is actually shown by default on overview opennening?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi ,

You can use methods 'DETACH_STATIC_OVW_VIEWS' and 'REATTACH_STATIC_OVW_VIEWS' of the .impl class of the overview page to hide and show the blocks at runtime.

Just debug these two methods and you will find how to add and remove the blocks from Overview page.

I do not have system access right now but I think 'rt_return' contains all the view blocks and you can remove the one which you want based on some condition.



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