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Product Sync: Sync only products in approved status to online version.

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We are using Hybris 6.2 version. We want only the products in approved status to be synchronized during catalog sync. We tried with the "SearchRestriction" but it did not seem to work. Can anyone please help to customize the sync process to sync only the approved products during the catalog sync?

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Answers (4)

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Create new SearchRestriction by following below impex.

INSERT_UPDATE SearchRestriction;code[unique=true];name[lang=en] ;query;restrictedType(code);active[default=true];principal(uid)[default='catalogSyncManager'];generate[default=true];

;MyRestriction;My Restriction;{item.approvalStatus} IN ({{ SELECT {} FROM {ArticleApprovalStatus} WHERE {ArticleApprovalStatus.code} = 'approved' }});Product;

Principal(uid) should be same as sessionUser in "CatalogSynchJob". It is present in AdvancedAttribute tab.

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Implement the Job Restriction to achieve this on the sync Job.

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Create a new sync configuration with only approvalStatus attribute in Sync attribute. You can test it with existing catalogSync job. Go to System>Multithreded Synchronization>Select existing catalog sync job and disable all the sync attribute except approval State and run the job. Hope it helps

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Could u find any solution? Thanks.