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Product Substitution in WCEM not working

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I don't manage to get product substitution to work as I would like in WCEM (Web Channel Experience Management). I have setup condition record in ECC for Product A to be replaced by either Product B or C, replicated the relevant condition objects to CRM and activated the corresponding product substitution inside the transaction type.

In CRM backend (CRMD_ORDER) when I enter Product A I get a popup where I can select between Product B or C (just as wanted/expected) and a message is shown "Product KRE1012004/1 was replaced". Under Item details I see "Replaced by products".

So far so good! (And I assume that above shows that everything is setup correctly?)

In WCEM however the following happens:

I enter Product A --> and this is automatically replaced by Product B without any message given. The problems are the following:

  • Why don't I get a selection between Product B and C as in backend
  • Why don't I get any message in the shopping cart about the replacement done (the enduser should get a notice as I see it)
  • When the order is placed - there is no trace of the "originally entered Product A" under "Replaced by Product"

Have I missed any setup to get Product Substitution to work correctly in WCEM (same as in backend).... or is above how it is supposed to work in WCEM?

BR / Alex

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Hi Alex,

the message:


                         WITH ls_orderadm_i_com-ordered_prod

                         INTO lv_message.

is put from the one order layer to the message log as a info message. In the web channel we only show the error messages.

This behaviour can be changes for any message. You need to create a new entry for the message, which you whant to see, in the "messages.xml" file in the DC.

This will be an customer extension.
Best regards, Tamara

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Thanks for your input Tamara!

From a "future release point of view", I do believe that it would be helpful if SAP added some sort of message handling support via WebChannel Builder!

Eg possibile to configure if "success", "warning", "info" or "error" messages should be shown on a general level... and then if more advanced functionality is needed - then XML changes could be done.

I don't fully understand the rationale behind hiding everything but error messages, since changes now is needed both in CRM backend as well as in the message.xml file to achieve things. If all messages were shown as default in WCEM, then it would only be needed to do the changes in CRM backend... and minimizing the number of places to customize things to achieve what is needed in frontend I assume must be the best approach when building an application.

However, your input makes it possible for us to proceed!

BR / Alex