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Product status search

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May I know how to deactivate product status eg: Locked, Delete etc for product search in web UI?

BSP is PRD02QR, is it possible thru configuration? If not, how?


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Open the component PRD02QR from the transaction BSP_WD_CMWB. Navigate tot he Search view. Click on the configuration. Click the change button. Unselect the "Status" field from the displayed parameters list.

Save the configuration and run the application.



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Hi All,

Thanks for reply.

Harshit, I still would like to retain the status, as I have maintained new status profile for user status, only that the system default is also attached to the user status as well. How do I get rid of those system status?

In current drop down list of status in product search, it contains :

- To be archived

- Locked

- Deleted

- Archived

- <new status profile >

- <new status profile >

The first 4 need to be hide.


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I completed your requirement in component PRD01QR . My steps are as follow :

1.Go to PRD01QR in TA BSP_WD_CMPWB .

2. Click the button 'Ehance Component' .Write a bsp application name Z* in the popup windows . next .

4. Go to view PRD01QR/search .

5.Right click the view and click the "Ehance" ,then you can see a custom controller class ZL_PRD01QR_SEARCH_IMPL .

6. Double click the class ZL_PRD01QR_SEARCH_IMPL then find the method GET_DQUERY_DEFINITIONS .

7 redefine the method and write the code as follow :(hide all status except "locked") :

call method super->get_dquery_definitions
      rt_result = rt_result.

  data : rs_result type crms_thtmlb_search_field_info ,
         rs_ddlb   type crms_thtmlb_search_ddlb_nvp .

  clear rs_result .

  loop at rt_result into rs_result where  field = 'STATUS' .

    delete rs_result-ddlb_options where key ne 'I1103' .

    modify rt_result from rs_result .
  endloop .

8. OK,pls test it .