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Product replication from ECC to Marketing cloud

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Hello Experts,

We are replicating the products from ECC to Marketing cloud. We also need to replicate the product hierarchy as well in the following fields highlighted.

Can you please confirm how to replicate the product hierarchy from ECC to Marketing cloud.

1. Do we need to use the seperate iflow which is specifically used for the product Hierarchy replication.

2. Can this be done with the standard iflow as we are getting the code and we have loaded the code list mapping in marketing cloud system.

3. Please let me know the specific iflow to be used and some guidance as I am not able to replicate the fields.

your help will be really appreciated.

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Hi utpal120512. You can check all the pre-delivered integration flows from ERP to SAP Marketing here:

If you see the integration flow of Product Replication, you'll see that it uses the API_MKT_PRODUCT_SRV version 2, and if you see the linked documentation it hasn't a product category hierarchy creation, it just has the assignment.

The other integration flow related to products is Product Replication Extensibility that doesn't include anything related to product categories.

Based on the previous statements, here are the answers to your questions:

  1. Yes. You'll need a new iFlow to create the product hierarchies and then use the Product Replication flow to assign those hierarchies.
  2. If you want to create the hierarchy, no, it's not available in the standard iFlow.
  3. I suppose you'll need to create your own iFlow. To give you a clue about the API you can use, check the documentation of the API_MKT_PRODCAT_HIERARCHY_SRV.

Let me know if you need more help 🙂 Regards,

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Hello Bruno,

Thanks for your response. When we go to the 'Details' in the API hub and click on the business documentation. It gives 404 error. It seems the documentation is not available. We tried it with multiple S user id but we cannot access the documentation. Can you check if you get the same error message to access the documentation.


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Bruno, I can access the Details on the API Hub, but I'm SAP internal. I assume you mean this link Could you please provide a screen print that also shows the menu on top of the screen or any other hint which version you use. Thanks and best regards, Silvia