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Product Details not showing in rest API call - B2B API AddOn for OCC

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Hi Expert,

I am following below link for B2B API AddOn for OCC

but in the reponse is not showing as above wiki page -
/products /{productCode}

I am able to see few attributes in local Rest API response e.g. -

categories,code, description, manufacturer, multidimensional, name, numberOfReviews, price, priceRange, purchasable, stock, summary and url.

So many attributes are missing in response e.g.-
variantMatrix, images, classifications, productReferences and so many as per wiki page.

Let me know why it is misbehaving in local? or let me know if anything is missing while activating B2B API AddOn

Many Thanks in advance,

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Nithin,

This is expected behavior in Hybris. The fields returned in response is based on the field set configuration. To get all fields like variant matrix, product references, we need to add another parameter to the request called fields. The response for the request will be based on this fields parameter. As this parameter is not a mandatory field it will not through any error, but it consider default value as DEFAULT, for getting all values in response we need to send this parameter value as FULL.

For more details, please refer to fieldSetLevelMapping bean in b2boccaddon-web-spring.xml and b2bproductscontroller.

Hope this will solve your issue, please let us know in case of any further clarifications required.



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