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Problems with BDOC's

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Hi All,

In our system we have an R/3 (SAP ECC 6.0) and a CRM (BBPCRM 4.0) system.

In general we create customers on CRM. The system then replicates with R/3 via BDOC.

In this particular case I have to, via a z program, create a customer on R/3 with a contact person attached on both R/3 and CRM.

This works fine.

My problem is afterwards, how to attach an email on the relation between those two partners in CRM.

Due to asynchronous BDOC it seems that Iu2019m not able to program a RFC call between the systems and be certain that the info has been replicated to CRM when I need it.

Therefore Iu2019d like to extend the u2018envelopeu2019 with the information to be replicated; thereby extending the BDOC.

How and where can I do that? Is there a cookbook you can refer to?

Further more I can inform you that when creating the relation on R/3 I receive two BUPA_REL BDOCu2019s on CRM.

If I modify the first BUPA_REL structure with the email that Iu2019d like to attach to the relation:

message_ext[1]-CENTRAL_DATA-CONTACT-CENTRAL_DATA-DATA-E_MAIL = u2018emailaddress(at)relation.comu2019



-E_MAIL = u2018Xu2019

Then the email is attached correctly to the relation.

The second BUPA_REL contains the email I need.

In the structure:


Unfortunately the second BDOCu2019s data isnu2019t available when the first one is processed.

Can you guide me to / in the direction of a solution of this problem?

Thanks in advance

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/Lars Bernstorff Hansen