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Problems erasing marketing attributes after adding them by a code snippet

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Hi experts,

The problem I'm facing occurs after adding some marketing attributes with the corresponding values to a BP using the FM 'CRM_MKTBP_CHANGE_BP'. I also tried the FM 'CRM_MKTBP_ASSIGN_ATTRIBUT'.

All this work is done properly but the problem starts when I access to the details of the BP, via WebUI, and try to erase the created marketing attributes. When i erase them all and press the save button, they appear again. Anything happens. The only way I have to erase them is using another FM, but it is impossible to do that via WebUI.

Any suggestion?

Thank you very much.

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I have noticed a difference inserting a new marketing attribute from the webui and doing it by coding it.

When i insert manually from the WEBUI two new MA, if i look for the element in the AUSP table I can see that the given OBJEK value is the same for both elements. Everything works fine with these two MA.

When i insert a third element with a report i can see that the inserted element has a different OBJEK, and it is in this time when it is impossible to erase this third MA from the webUI.

Any clue?

Thank you.

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At least I solved my problem.

It was very simple and stupid. I tried before but don't know why it didn't work.

I only had to execute a commit statement, like this.

DATA ls_return LIKE bapiret2.
* Remember to commit your changes
          return = ls_return.