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Problems controlling discounts in SAP Customer Checkout

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I am in my first implementation of SAP Customer Checkout, I restricted the roles and users' permissions to assign discounts to lines or items, I synchronized the changes, when I assign a percentage discount to a receipt the system behaves correctly but when entering the discount by amount does not control and allows any discount to be placed, which causes great danger for my client.

I don't know what I might be missing in the configuration or what to do to obtain the desired behavior in both percentage discounts and amounts.

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Hello candrade_0518,

I just did a test (on version FP17 PL02) to be sure the system works like you would expect. And I can confirm it does. So if the user / role is set to give a maximum header discount of 25% then this permission will kick in both for percentage discounts and for absolute discounts.

Can you send a couple of screenshots so that we see your configuration?

  1. Functions => Configuration => Integration => Customer Checkout manager
  2. Functions => Configuration => Users => Select a user that doesn't work as expected => Permissions table => Select Give header discount => Current user setting is shown below the permission table
Which versions do you run in CCO and CCO manager respectively? They should run on the same FP to be 100% compatible.Kind regards,Gunther