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Problem with Word Integration on CRM5.0

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Hi there,

we've got a problem with the word integration on CRM5.0, i've been searching around on sdn and sap help, but haven't been able to figure it out.

when we create a document template for objecttype BUS2000126 (Contacts) everything works fine. We are able to add the different attributes as variable to our word template (by MERGEFIELD <fieldname>). When we create a document from template in a specific contact, all variables are filled out.

However, when we create a document template on the same way for BUS1006 (Business Partner), the variables aren't being filled out...

Implementing a BADI should not be necessary because at first we only want to use the standard attributes which are available.

Anybody got some advice?


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Hello Immanuel V,

when you want to use the Word Integration with BUS1006 you also have to define the BAdI and activate it. But you can use the Example Implementation in the Class: CL_CRM_DOC_TEMPL_BADI_EXAMPLE.