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Problem in ACE

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Hi all,

We are trying to implement a similar scenario related to ACE as in this blog:


We have developed our Z class, and did all the necessary configuration stuff. When we try to activate the right, the right gets activated and it schedules a job with name ACE_DISPATCHER. It remains in active state for a long time and it doesn't seem to get complete. Can anyone faced a similar situation before? Is there any way to control this.

Please help me out.


Best regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The dispatcher is the job what is the owner rule calculation in the background. It stops if no one is changing or creating objects after one minute.

All changed objects (the IDs) are stored in a queue and the dispatcher build blocks of these objects and starts background jobs with these blocks in other background tasks on different machines. He dispatches the rule calculation do other machines etc.

This job is started automatically again, if a user changes an object.

The dispatcher is a singleton.

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Matthias Vogel

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we found that the Dispatcher is in sleep mode - even after applying notes 1055525 and 990171, the problem still remains.

We are trying to build a situation, where a User would be able to edit a BP, only if he (corresponding BP) has a relationship type contact person with the BP.

Everyone else will have display authorization only

Any tips - can ACE handle this problem?



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Hi Pras,

Dispatcher: I think only an OOS message could help.

Rule: This is not easy with the ACE.

1) You need one rule that grand read access for everyone for each BP

2) You have to develop a rule especially for the corresponding BP for write access.

The effect of the first rule is a very full ACL table. There is no shortcut existing today.

Hope this helps,


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