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Probelm in Contact Search Help (BP_CONT_SEARCH) in CRM 7.0

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I am facing probelm in Contact Search Help.(BP_CONT_SEARCH), while creating Service Order.

In CRM 6.0 , When I press F4 for Contact, in the next screen...Account ID is being populated with a value based sold-to-party name.

But, in CRM 7.0, its not happening. I donno why.

In CRM 6.0, whther that is the standard functionality or some customization, I am not able to understand.

Please let me know, why this difference between 6.0 and 7.0.

What I need to do, to populate this Account ID value?



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It is ODD. Account id is filled correctly on contact search in Activity but not on order.

If you want Account id to be filled automatically, you need to enhance the outbound plug for Contact search. Check the method OP_FINDCONTACT of BT126H_APPT/Apptdetails and you have to do similar steps.