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print option windows 2019 using Crystal report version through RDS client

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Can anyone please give me a feedback on the below issue,

We are using Crystal report 2020 version and RDS client print option was defaulting to correct client printer in 2012 OS, but on 2019, it always default to Microsoft print to PDF option instead of default printer set up on client.

We tried all options to client rendering print and it is not working. Can anyone help on this as it is very critical issue needs to be fixed.


Thanks and Regards

Keerthiga Ramasamy


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Crystal Reports requires access to the printer driver you want to use. It searches the registry for the printers installed, liklye cause is the printer doesn't exist under that users profile.

So what you need to do is install the printer on each Users TS instance.

I believe this is a variation of Microsoft's Easy Print, it doesn't have the Printer installed and uses a printer installed on the Server and shows up on the PC's as a Redirected Printer. CR doesn't support that Printer client either.

Crystal uses the old DEVMODE structure to access printer driver values, if it doesn't exist CR will default to the Users Default Printer, which it looks like it's doing.

I suggest contacting your RDS Network Admin and get them to install the Printer on each Users Profile so CR can access the info and communicate with the Printer.