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Print activity in Maintain Activity: Which is the SAPSCRIPT o SMARTFORM

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Hi to all,

to day a friend of mine have a problem with a print.

In the "Maintain Activity" (CRMD_BUS2000126 transaction) there is the possibility of printing the activity.

There is no immediate output but a spool.

We have to change the output, bue we don't now which is, the sapscript (and if the output is a sapscript)?

Do Anyone know about this?



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This is actually quite simple to manage for business transactions. You can control the customizing for actions by using the transaction SPPFCADM. In here you have the customizing for all the actions related to the business transaction. You can alternately get to the parts of this screen via the IMG

CRM->Basic Functions->Actions->Actions in Transaction.

For activitiy it appears that the system is using the standard smartform CRM_ACTIVITY_BUSACT01. I believe you can either redefine the form being used or create a new print action if needed. I personally would recommend that you might want to create a specific action profile for what your users will be needing and assign that to your document type for activities. However I assuming you have copied the standard activity transaction type to a Z-document type for customizing.

Action processing is very flexible and can be used to do almost anything in the background upon request in the business transaction. Another benefit is that action processing works the same in the PCUI or SAP GUI so no need to worry about which one to use.

If you have any more questions reply back, but take a look at the IMG documentation and the wizard and it should be relatively easy to configure.

Good Luck,


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Hi Stephen,

thanks very much, you are focused my problem.

A little help more, please.

I can't find where I must specify the Z-smartform.

you have writed "For activitiy it appears that the system is using the standard smartform CRM_ACTIVITY_BUSACT01." but, "appears" where?



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Sorry Stephen,

I've found what I was looking for.

thanks very much