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Pricing problem in Commerce Cloud with CPS

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Dear SAP Experts,

we are currently facing an issue with the VCP/CPS-Engine Integration for configurable products into SAP Commerce Cloud.

In the log we can see that prices are found and returned by the webservices.
We also configured everything in the backoffice:

Pricing options:


Show base price and selected options:


Pricing Details:


But during the configuration, no prices are shown.

But they are shown on the summary page of the configuration before the configuration is added to the cart.

What might be missing here?

Best regards

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Hi Benedikt,
I suppose this is about the Spartacus frontend, correct?
Where exactly are you missing the prices?
If I read this correctly, the prices are available on the configuration overview page, where the configuration summary is displayed.
Is the price summary present on the configuration page (where you enter the attribute values)? Or are you missing the delta prices displayed along with the attribute values?

Best regards,


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Hi Christoph,

no, this is still the old accelerator frontend.

We are missing the pricing during the configuration:


We don't see neither the price options during the configuration nor an calculated total base price or total price for selected options (even though it is returned in the answer).
On the "Review your selections" page we see a base price and and a current total (but still no price for selected options)

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Then I suggest to enable debug logging for following classes, in order to see where and why the price request gets lost.

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Are you aware of customizations present in this area?