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Pricing error: Mandatory condition Taxes via TTE (0TTE) is missing Details in Service Contract creation

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i am getting the below error in the Service Contract creation.

Item 700003: Pricing error: Mandatory condition Taxes via TTE (0TTE) is missing Details

Item 700003: No decision trees found; see log warning messages 406, 407, or 408

if my Service contract is for 1 yr period, I would be getting 12 BRI's ( for periodic Billing )

in this scenario i am getting this error for every item which is getting created..

can any one let me know the reason for this ...

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Hi Santosh

Have you set up taxes ?

This error is  due to taxes not getting determined correctly.



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Thank U Naresh ..

ya i did not set up Taxes..

can u let me know how do i set up Taxes...

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Hi Santhosh,

The CRM system offere two different ways of calculating taxes, depending on which tools you are using for billing. If you use the Sales and Distribution (SD) component in SAP R/3, the system calculates taxes using the condition technique. If you use CRM Billing, the system uses Transaction Tax Engine (TTE).

For calculation of tax in CRM, you need to configure Transaction Tax Engine (TTE).

For more information on Transaction Tax Engine (TTE), please go through the link provided below:

Also, kindly check the checklist for TTE:

Hope this helps!

Regards, Chethan