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PME Configuration SAP CRM 2007

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Hi Gurus

Need your help,

Currently we are using SAP CRM 2007.We need to configure the variant configurable products,I think in CRM we need to use the PME to configure the variant products,Is the PCM is inbuilt in CRM? or we need to install any software,yes please give me downloadable path.

After configuring the Variant products we need to display in b2b e-commerce portal,

Is any body having any idea please send the response ASAP.

Awaiting for ur response



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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for the majority of manufacturing customers doing make-to-order a re-use of their VC models defined in ERP is the better option. The AP Configurator (new name for the SCE part of the IPC) supports 95% of all of the product model as defined in VC. This re-use allows to conitnue to use the same product master data for high-volume make-to-order orders via CRM and at the same time for engineer-to-orders that are changed solely in ERP.

The typical process looks like this:

- Adjust VC product model to fit AP configurator if necessary (delta-list is described at > ERP > SAP ERP Central Component > Logistics > Variant Configuration > Product Configuration with the Configuration Engine > ERP Master Data and Configuration Engine)

- Adjust VC product model to fit the needs of the extended user base in CRM if necessary (very often the product model in VC is technical and requires specification of many technical characteristics. To overcome this additional sales- or application-oriented characteristics might need to be added that pre-fill in values for the technical characteristics using constraints or other rules)

- Create a Knowledgebase and extract the product model into it

- Set-up CRM Scenario including Middleware replication of product and knowledgebase

- Set-up JSP UI of the AP Configurator within CRM

- Create equivalents of user defined functions in Java and make them available to AP Configurator in CRM

For a subset of customers that does not do manufacturing in ERP setting up a product model in CRM is the other possible option available since CRM 4.0. In CRM 2007 this was improved to allow for multi-level configurable products and also provides a maintenance enviroment for product models that integrates well with the rest of master data maintenance in CRM (pricing, catalog, cross-/upsells, bundles). This maintenance environment (some still call it PME) is available in the overview page of a configurable product within the assignement block called "Product Models".

Regards, Marcus

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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PME is shipped along with IPC.

The PME is a CRM client for accessing CRM extended master data maintenance functions. It is a mandatory component if you maintain configurable products in CRM. It is currently available only on

Windows. It needs to be installed locally on the client machine (i.e. the PC from which you connect to CRM). PME requires Java 2 SDK 1.3.1 or 1.4.2.

PME is installed in two steps:

PME installation files are made available on a network directory.

Users connect to network directory and execute the installation script to install PME locally.

Please follow the notes 857969.