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Pinging JVM error occured and application is not responding

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HI All,

We are getting Pinging JVM errors every day and application is become unresponsive. Kindly provide us suggestions on this like what are all possible areas we need to check and modify the settings.

Please find the below log which we are getting..for example

STATUS | wrapper | main | 2016/09/12 03:01:11.101 | Pinging the JVM took 13 seconds to respond. STATUS | wrapper | main | 2016/09/12 03:01:11.101 | Pinging the JVM took 4 seconds to respond.

Thanks, Shaik

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The best option in my mind is to go for Java profiling of your application in order to analyze performance bottlenecks, memory leaks etc. There are many Java profiling tools you can choose from e.g. JProfiler, VisualVM etc. Once you find out and rectify the root cause, you should go for performance testing. There are many performance testing tools you can choose from e.g. HP LoadRunner, Apache JMeter etc.

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Please read this:

The message indicates that the machine is busy with swapping or processes are hanging. That could be the hybris Java process, or any other process.

  • Check the memory utilization.

  • Is the machine swapping.

  • Check if processes are using a huge amount of CPU time.

  • Use JVisual VM / JConsole to check the hybris Java process (memory, threads, ...)

I recommend also the usage of Dynatrace or New Relic. The tools give a very good insight into the JVM. You can drill down from web requests down to the JDBC query! Verry nice. And you can correlate disc IO to CPU load to web requests etc.

Kind Regards, Thomas