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PIck list value buffering from previous screen

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Hi all,

while creating product I am selecting the value from F4 for one field and saving the data .

When I am creating the another product , previous value carrying into that field with out selecting anything . This is happening for standard field. I am using IE11.

I gone through below link , but no luck.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Ram,

Do you mean, you save a product successfully, and then create another product, the value for the previous product appears automatically in the 2nd product?

Firstly, please make sure following SAP note is implemented in your system.

2104051 - Provide ways to turn off AutoSave feature

Then you can make a test:

1. Set user parameter WCF_AUTOSAVE_SWITCH value OFF.

2. check if the same behavior still happens. Please let us know your test result.

If the issue still happens even you have set user parameter WCF_AUTOSAVE_SWITCH OFF, please provide more information like:

1. which standard business role are you using
2. which field (component/view->field attribute, etc) is it ?

Best Regards, Corrine

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