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Personnel Callback issue in SAP

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Hi Gurus,

We have and issue with personnel call back functionality with Gplus and genesy. Below are steps with issue details

  1. 1Outbound Agent logs in in Progressive with seizing campaign
  2. 2.Agent gets seizing call
  3. 3.Agents gets Customer call
  4. 4.Callback preview message is sent to SAP while agent in call with customer
  5. 5.Agent hangs-up customer call
  6. 6.Agent wrap-up call
  7. 7.SAP displays Callback information--Accept button is blinking
  8. 8.Agent chooses :

a)to accept callback (OCS dials and agent is connected to call)

b)To reject call (OCS reset record to be dialed like new)

  1. 9.Agent processes call as any other Outbound call

My issue is why the 'personnel callback' is getting triggered if the agent is in Wrap Up mode. No event should be sent to SAP if the agent work mode is either in-call or wrap-up.

Please let me know if any addtional info is req. Attached is the screenshot for details



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Hi Bhushan,

Maybe this is not the right forum for this problem. SAP CRM sends through ICI interface command wrapupEnd and it depends on connector/CTI how the statuses are interpreted.

There is no setting in CRM which could influence this behaviour.

If you don't encounter this problem with Genesys standalone, then I would look at the Gplus adapter itself.