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How are you, good afternoon:

I hope you can help me with the following problem I have for the synchronization of "period and volume discounts".

In SAP they are uploaded via DTW to a list of prices, period and volume discounts, but they are not synchronized to SCCO when the parameter "complete synchronization" is not active.

The synchronization is performed again with the parameter "complete synchronization" active and the discounts are synchronized.

The problem with this is that it shows some errors in the console with the two previous cases, with no difference between one and the other, to synchronize the discounts. Our client has 2,000 articles, so when synchronizing it executes 2 queries for each one, this makes it too slow.

It is supposed to sync only the items that have had discount updates and not the entire list price array with period and quantity discounts.

I attach images in this query so you can see what happens.

Alex Orellana Aravena

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