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Payment term description is not replicating from ECC to CRM

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HI All

I am trying to download payment term description from ecc to CRM.i tried with obj DNL_CUST_PRICE. Still description is not getting updated.. please note key is there description is old .

Request you to please help

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You need to check what tables your payment terms from ECC are coming from, what the download adapters tables, filters and mapping modules are, possibly debug the mapping process, or even maintain the descriptions manually in CRM.

ECC payment term data

Most likely, the payment terms come from T052 from ECC and descriptions are in T052U, but they could also come from TVZB with the descriptions from TVZBT.

Download Adapter DNL_CUST_PRICE

Check the settings of the download adapter with Trx. R3AC3. What tables are listed here and are the descriptions tables linked to their main tables.

Also check the mapping module from R/3 to CRM. This should be CRMC_OUTPUT_PRICING_MAP_SAVE. Check out the logic of that fuba to see whether the table defintions of the adapter and the mapping of the function make sense.

=> For some reason, in our system, the adapter had table T052 and TVZBT (but not T052U), and this also did have the effect, of not being able to upload the descriptions from ECC to CRM. We ended up maintaining the payment terms manually in CRM, since we actually wanted them to be somewhat different anyway for customers in mail forms (instead of users in the ECC).