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passing selected payment card details.

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Hi All,

As working on Payment card, As we get details of payment card in order.jsp page.

Here I am selecting the Payment card based on Payment card number, and I need to pass only this value to back-end, to get refiected the same in Confirmation page i.e. confirm.jsp.

Kindly, Help me , Let me know if you need some further informatiom

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Hello Devender,

The payment card information will be available to the backend system when you chose that and move on to the confirmation page. You don't have to do anything for "passing" that value to the back-end.

Your only change will be to "extract" that in the confirm.jsp.

Here is the trick.

Sales Order Header Java object


has a method to get the payment data

public PaymentData getPaymentData().

The payment data class


has the following methods that will be useful to you.

<li>String getCardNumber();

<li>String getCardCVV(); -- May not have any value based on the encryption setup and ISA logic. And in real world, you don't need this and don't want to show this back for all security reasons.

<li>String getCardNumberSuffix();

<li>String getCardHolder();

<li>String getExpDateMonth();

<li>String getExpDateYear();

Most probably the PaymentData class is not defined in confirm.jsp, if the values are not displayed. So, declare the missing class definitions in your "Zconfirm.jsp", get the values and display them to your heart's content.

Easwar Ram

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Thanks a lot for the info.