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Partner dependent actions

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Dear CRM experts,

I would like to set up the following Action: on a Service Ticket when the Responsible Group is changed to a specific Responsible Group, trigger an email form to be sent to the email address maintained in the BP of that Responsible Group.

Here is what I have done but the Action is not being executed:

1) In the IMG I have first defined an Action that is partner dependent in Partner Determination for Action. I have then set up my Partner Function to be the Responsible Group.

2) I have setup Permitted Processing Type of Action to be Method - which will populate the field in the form and send the form to the email address that is in maintained in the BP of the Responsible Group.

3) I have assigned my new Action to the action profile of the Service Ticket

4) In Define Condition I double click on Action Profile for Service Ticket in Scheduling of Actions. Then in field Partner Number in Overview tab I enter the Responsible Group number that I want the action to be dependent on.

When I raise a Service Ticket and change the Responsible Group to be the one defined in Partner Number under Define Condition, the email is not triggered, I get an error saying the Action cannot be executed

Could someone tell me if I am using the Partner Function field correctly in Define Condition, can I use that in combination of processing type Method? Or should I be using a Processing Type of Smartform with subsequent Class and Method implementation?

Thanks very much for your help!


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Hi Helena,

Could you check in condition for actions have you entered the partner function of the employee responsible .Also check have you checked the check box for default setting for action defintion in overview and processing details.

Thank you,


Edited by: gangadhar rao on Nov 11, 2009 9:09 PM

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Hello Gangadhar,

I have checked the box for Default Settings from Action Definition and I have also updated the Partner number field with the Responsible Group BP number.

Thanks for your help.