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Paramters empty when using Transaction launcher wizard for BOR Method

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We have a u201CCRM 5.0 BOR method based - action boxu201D; that uses a R3 method, to pick the confirmed BP from CRM CIC and goes to R3 and finds a partner function for it. We are moving over to the navigation bar in CRM 7.0. We are using the transaction launcher wizard in CRM 7.0 to create a launch transaction for this action box. In the wizard we enter the following: 1) Name, Component set: u201CALLu201D; 2) Description and Custom Class name; 3) choose A BOR Transaction, choose the R/3 system we are connecting to and choose the appropriate BOR Object Type and Method Name. The problem is when we go to the next screen u2013 u201CTransaction Parametersu201D u2013 nothing shows up in the dropdown box.

From what weu2019ve read, we need to choose something here. Eventually we will have to go to the method u201Cif_crm_ic_action_handler~PREPARE_DATA_FLOWu201D in the class specified in the wizard and change to code to use the confirmed BP number. But first we need to choose the transaction parameter in the wizard. I think maybe we need to choose a component set on the Entries screen but there are a bunch of them and we have no idea which one is appropriate. It could also be a declaration in the method!!

We have checked the settings for the ZTSTC object, the ITS URLs, the RFCs and logical systems and came up with noting. These are the notes that we have checked: 1021222, 888931, 1337200 and 1337472.

Does anyone have an idea as to what we might be missing?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ramesh,

Check if this [blog|] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken]; helps you.



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Hi Soumya,

Thanks for the response. I did go through this blog. It does tell you how to setup a transaction launcher. But dos not cover the problem that I have right now. Appreciate your help though.

We think that the problem could be with the way the parameters are declared in the method used in the transaction launcher. Whatever we have read so far seems to imply that we will need to collect the buiness partner from the GDC (Global data context) and then pass it to the R3 system for further processing.

We are now looking for ways to declare this, putting it in the correct syntax and referring to the correct objects in the GDC, to do this. We are working on ways to accomplish this. Do let us know if you have any ideas.

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Hi Ramesh,

We are facing a similar problem. Did you solve the value transmission by now?

Best regards,


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Hi Thea,

Yes, we were able to resolve the issue. This was resolved by one of our technical developers. This is how he resolved the issue:


1) You need to maintain method for the parameter

/SE80 -> Menu item - Workbench -> Edit object -> TAB - Business engineering -> FIELD Business object type = Ex: ZXXXX (Custom object) and open it.

2) Expand the Methods and focus your cursor on the method that you woud like to change Ex: ZXXX.ZYYY.

3) In the toolbar section push the PARAMETERS button.

4) Change to Edit mode nd hit CREATE. Select the table abd the field that you would like to pass as a parameter. In our case we selected Tabel KNA1 and field KUNNR. Hit the green check mark. Check the fields Import & Mandatory. Save and select your transport request.


5) While creating the launch transaction wizard, the paramter needs to be maintained.

IMG -> Customer Relationship Management -> UI Framework -> Technical Role Definition -> Technical Role Definition -> Configure Transaction Launcher.

6) Maintain the technical details of your launch transaction and then when you come to the Transaction Parameters section when you hit the dropdown you should now see the paramter that you maintained. In our case we had OBJECTGUID.

7) In the Value field hit F4. Here look for the right data context and the field that you would like to pass. In our case we selected: //datacontextCURRENTBT/BTOrderHeader/BTHeaderActivityExt/GUID. Complete the wizard.


😎 Find the Class that was created by the wizard and open the method: IF_CRM_IC_ACTION_HANDLER~PREPARE_DATA_FLOW

Change the follwing code:


iv_name = delete gv_customer and insert the field that you added. In our case: 'KUNNR'

iv_value = CUSTOMER ).

Save and activate the method.

This should resolve the issue.

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Thank you Ramesh for the answer.

it was indeed a very helpful anwer.

Best regards, Thea

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i am trying to use the transaction launcher to call a transaction with bp number for example. I am not sure who the added parameter should be handled for the new BOR Object ZTSTC.

Kind Regards

Joachim Bertram

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I want to pass the description of an opportunity as parameter what should I choose from F4 value help for my parameter?

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