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'Overall' and 'Billing status of order-related billing documents' status change

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Hi all,

We use SAP CRM with ECC. When a contract is open in CRM, a DRM will be automatically created in ECC. For example: a CRM contract with 10 positions will automatically generate an ECC DMR with 10 positions. This material in ECC has no logistical importance (no MRP planning, no Availability Check, no delivery, it is just a service). In normal business, in ECC, one position will be invoiced and the status “Fully invoiced” will be written back in CRM. If the invoice status is changed in CRM, it will not be written in ECC. It means, that ECC is the leading system. Until here, everything is okay.

We are implementing our SAP (CRM and ECC) in one of ours subsidiary and 30.000 CRM contracts will be migrated to SAP CRM. In consequence, 30.000 DRMs will be automatically generated in ECC. Until here, everything is okay.

My problem: every migrated CRM contract has many positions and some positions were already invoiced in the old system. We want to migrate all the positions, to have the right figures in ECC COPA

Question: if we change the 'Overall' and 'Billing status of order-related billing documents' status through an ABAP-Program or the Function Module STATUS_CHANGE_INTERN, would we have inconsistences? Would we have problem in SAP tables? Would we have problems with Archive?

I know that if I change these Status through ABAP, FM, etc, I will have the new status, but no invoice, no invoice number, no following document, etc. We don’t need it. We need the amount /Value in the COPA. If I reject the position, the value will not be considered in the COPA.

Screenshots: sc01.png, sc02.png, sc03.png

What could be an alternative?



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From your post, what I could understand is you want to achieve the desired result from COPA side and you don't bother about the impacts from ECC & CRM side. If this is correct, then you need to check with COPA consultants to find out a way for this.

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you are right. We will change the report system, so we can exclude the billed position.