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Outlook synchronization errors

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Hi All,

Our users are experiencing various contact sync errors while syncing their outlook contacts to C4C Accounts.

a) I am looking for troubleshooting guide for all the contact sync errors faced and remediation to fix that.

b) Is there are work around in C4C or for outlook to fix those before users can execute syncing so that occurrence of errors reduces.

Help will be much appreciated.

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Hi Ogra,

If you are facing sync error when creating a contact from outlook, then try to associate a relevant reference Account for the contact. Then it will work.

Regards ,

Vignesh K

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Hi Vignesh,

A contact can be referenced to many accounts. The issue I am highlighting is that there are not data format maintained at outlook and hence if we sync those records then it will fail synchronization as CRM does not accept data in incorrect format.

I am more looking a way of fixing these errors automatically instead of manually asking users to do it.