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Org structure, HR or ECC to CRM?

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Good day experts,

I need to make a comparison between org structures, and need to know which might be the best to go with if I am going to use it in the CRM system.

We are on CRM 7.2, and I would like to know, briefly, what would be best if we were to pull an org structure into CRM. Should we take it from HR, or from ECC?

I know that HR's org structure is very similiar to CRM's structure. ECC however isn't.

ECC's structure is also sort of "set in stone" once it has been built, and changes have major impact if done afterwards.

CRM's structure however is more flexible, and time (validity date) dependant. This allows for changes to be made easily and seamlessly.

HR org structure I know very little about aside from the fact that it looks similiar to a CRM structure.

Can anyone please provide any tips or advice on which system would be best to replicate to CRM?

Please note I am trying to determine this for use in Field Sales. So field sales personnel and internal sales people will make up the majority of the maintenance of the structure.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Kendal,

This link will help to get some info

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