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Offer integration between SAP Marketing Cloud and C4C Sales

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Is it possible to send offers from Marketing cloud to C4C sales ?, I don't manage to find a clear answer looking through the documentation. It would have to be an extension between the systems ?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi juan.cespedes ,

Saurabh is right. A standard integration is not available. You can double-check on the api hub, if you like:

You will need to use the Offer API to integrate on customer basis:

Depending on your requirements, you might only want to visualize the offers (no persistence in C4C). This would be the light weight option and usually serves the purpose as well.

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Best regards, Anton

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Juan,

Currently it is not possible to send offers from Marketing Cloud to C4C via standard integration. Do you mean offer as in Promotions?because As far as my understanding goes we donot have any offers in C4C.

if so then you can always consume standard c4c odata and build a custom iflow which can deliver the offer from marketing cloud to c4c.