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OCC extension and cache manager

Hello Experts,

At documentaion mentioned to use OCC extension as a preferable way to extend OCC.

I try it, but look like I can't find a way how to configure extra cache in this case. Here example how to do it for occaddon

But looks like it's not possible to do with new architecture that SAP recomend to use, isn't it? Or do I miss something?

Best Regards,


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Hello Vitalii,

I might be answering this too late (but hopefully this would help someone else later on). I just found out about the 2211 version of the Extending Server-Side Caching documentation that works for my OCC extension. 

The cache manager definition of yours is very likely outdated for the OCC extension as I believe it was meant for the old addOn approach instead. The 2211 version of the guide is working for me.