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OCC extension and cache manager

Hello Experts,

At documentaion mentioned to use OCC extension as a preferable way to extend OCC.

I try it, but look like I can't find a way how to configure extra cache in this case. Here example how to do it for occaddon

But looks like it's not possible to do with new architecture that SAP recomend to use, isn't it? Or do I miss something?

Best Regards,


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Just saw some new comments arrived. Solution for me was quite simple, just define cache manager as normally did before. Next step was to add it to correct application context, so I did it in next way: project-prop.jpegproject-structure.jpeg

Normally everything works ok. By the way as 'cacheManager' already defined in commercewebservices and used, I just define 'customCacheManager'. So in web application context of commercewebservices will be two cache managers and in code need to be specified custom.

@Cacheable(value = "someCache", cacheManager = "customCacheManager")


Best Regards,


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Thanks for your Feedback! Can you please also post the bean definition for "customCacheManager" with dependent beans.
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <beans xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" "> <alias name="defaultMyoccCacheManager" alias="customCacheManager"/> <bean id="defaultMyoccCacheManager" class="org.springframework.cache.ehcache.EhCacheCacheManager"> <property name="cacheManager" ref="myoccEhcache"/> </bean> <alias name="defaultMyoccEhcache" alias="myoccEhcache"/> <bean id="defaultMyoccEhcache" class="de.hybris.platform.webservicescommons.cache.TenantAwareEhCacheManagerFactoryBean"> <property name="cacheNamePrefix" value="myoccCache_"/> <property name="configLocation" value="classpath:/myocc/cache/ehcache.xml"/> </bean> </beans>