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Objects tab in CRM sales order to populate installed bases

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Dear experts,

CRM 5.0

We are using CRM sales order functionality. The transaction type has the leading business transaction category as BUS2000115 - Sales. Now for a particular scenario, we want to be able to determine the installed base linked to a sold to party in the sales order. But the objects tab is not visible in the transaction type as the leading category is not service. I even appended a secondary transaction category 'BUS2000116 - service' in the relevant transaction type but it did not make the objects tab visible. Could someone please share any experiences they might have in this area?

Thanks & regards

Ritwik Sharma

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Hi Ritwik,

CRM SALES Order transactions does not allows installed base to be assigned to them. This is in the standards. OBJECT tab will only appear for leading transaction category of SERVICE.

If you have a requirement wherin I understand that you have to assign the INSTALLED BASE to the SALES ORDER then you will have to use EEWB (EASY ENHANCEMENT WORK BENCH) and create a z tab by the name CUSTOMER FIELDS and add the INSTALLED BASE FIELD here.

When you will enter data for a specific SALES ORDER in this field it will save in CRMD_ORDERADM_H as Z field ZCUSTOMER_H0X.

And for reports you can modify the BI extractor for enabling the data and track in report.

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Surendra More