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OAuth 2.0 employee login using implicit grant type

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Hi there,

Hybris version: 5.5

I am facing issues with OAuth 2.0 login using employee credentials for implicit grant types. Here are the changes that I have done: 1) In ycommercewebservices-web-spring.xml

     <oauth:client client-id="client-side" resource-ids="hybris" authorized-grant-types="implicit" authorities="ROLE_CUSTOMERMANAGERGROUP,ROLE_INSTOREEMPLOYEEGROUP"
         redirect-uri="http://localhost:8080/oauth2_implicit_callback" />

2) When using the following URL, I am getting a login screen. http://localhost:9001/rest/oauth/authorize?client_id=client-side&redirect_uri=http://localhost:8080/...

This login screen does not take employee credentials and gives this error: "Woops! You are not permitted to access that resource." The same screen does however take customer credentials and redirects as per the above web-spring XML. Any idea how to get it working?

Regards, Asit

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Hello Asit,

Did you find solution for that if yes can you please help me on same to implement implicit grant type.

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