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New Middleware filter condition for CUSTOMER_MAIN

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For the R/3 adapter object CUSTOMER_MAIN (and CUSTOMER_REL), the SAP documentation suggests that a new filter can be added by maintaining the SMOFFILFLD in CRM and the corresponding CRMFILFLD table in ECC. We wish to add KNA1-KTOKD (Account Group) as a filter criteria. We were able to add the filter in CRM (SMOFFILFLD through SM30). However, our ECC6.0 implementation does not provide a standard SM30 maintenance for this table. Is there a way to add this entry in our ECC table?

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As Per your requirement instead of addition of a new Filter you can make Changes in Filter settings for Filter CUSTOMER_MAIN only and fulfill your Requirements

Please Set the Filter Settings as follows

1.In Source Site Maintain Table Name as KNA1 as per your requirement

2.In Filter settings Make Entries as CRMC_T077D / ACCOUNT_GROUP

Syncronise the Filter and Check for the Download

Hope it solves your Problem

Thanks and Regards,


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Hi Smith

You can add a new field for filter by adding the Values in Table SMOFFILFLD in CRM System .You will be able to see the filter in R3AC1 .No need to add any values in tables of ECC .Just Sync the filter conditions from R3AC1 .This will sync the filters with ECC .


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Thank you all for your responses. These were very helpful, as the ECC CRMFILFLD was confusing, especially since it was referenced in some SAP notes. Also, It doesn't seem right to establish a filter within the R3AC1, since this actually sets a permanent filter which we don't want, we just want it as a temporary filter. Also just as confusing is the functionality of the R3AR2 which provides for the temporary filter, but doesn't show you the drop down list of filter possibilities. I tried both R3AR2 and R3AC1 and both actually worked! BDocs were generated with the queue name R3AR_CUSTOMER_KTOKD (Customizing Request - R3AR2) and R3AI_CUSTOMER_MAIN (Initial Download-R3AC1).

Unfortunately I recieved BDoc Errors (R11-123 "Enter at least one number for the business partner"), and have been unable to determine what the issue is (PIDE table and number ranges are correct).



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Hello Dan

1 .Check you had given the External Number range, for the BP grouping while downloading the BP master.

2 . In general this error (R11123) is resolved with notes 908157 and 757955.

Make sure that in in Trx. CRMC_BUT_CALL_FU all entries have

deactivated/deleted as advised in notes 908157 and 757955 and the

related ones.

3. Mandatory relationships set in CRM. But while you are downloading the data you are not sending the require information for that BP.

Could you please check this:

Cross-Appl Comp->SAP BP->BP REL->Basic Settings->Field roupings->Config Field Att for each BP REL Cat

Under this path could you check if any relationship Cat is set to radio button 'REQUIRED' against partner function?