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New Assignment block in Opportunity Screen

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Hi Gurus,

We have a requirement to create a new assignment block in Opportunity screen.

Can somebody tell me if it is possible to create an assignment block that has link to a webdynpro page??

If yes please provide with the steps to be followed for creation of new assignment block as well as linking the webdynpro page with CRM UI.

Thanks in Advance



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This is something I did before!, the steps in brief wud be,

1. Create a custom empty view in the header component of opportunity

2. locate the view area, viewset/overview page for other similar assignment blocks like transaction history and assign your custom view there!.

3. go to configuration tab of the viewset/overview page and add the custom view to displayed column, and make sure that its not hidden!, save it.

4 copy the url calling code,, which is just 2 or 3 line by passing your webdypro URL in the .htm page of your custom view.

Thats it, congratulations, you solved ur problm

Regards, Sudeep..

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We have created a zcomponent in the sales home page but that component appears as an empty box. As per our requirement we want the component to appear as standard assignment block like "Transaction History" assignment block in Lead Page. Please tell us the steps to be followed for this requirement.

Also when we are creating the component we assign it to either home page or lead or opportunity page. Can we create our own BSP page and assign the components to that page. Is it Possible??

Please provide the steps to achieve this requirement.

Thanks in Advance.



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Hi Divya,

If you want to add a custom assignment block in opportunity then you need 2 have a custom component i don't think you can add a BSP application(again i m not very sure of this point) as a assignment block.

For adding your custom component in std' i.e. say in BT111H_OPPT:

1. Define your custom component(eg.ZCUST)'s main window as interface view i.e. in edit mode at the run-time repository, at node component interface right click and 'Add Interface view' in the next coming pop-up add your main window selecting via F4 help.

2. Open BT111H_OPPT enhance the component, go to runtime repository at node component usage right click 'Add Component usage' and in the pop-up give an component usage ID say here eg: CUexample and select your custom component ZCUST and next the interface view which u added in step 1 via F4 help of the pop-up.

3. Now expand viewset->BT111H_OPPT/OppurtunityOVViewset->Overview page there right click and select 'Add view' to add your custom component. For BSP application give as 'ZCUST' and for view in F4 you will get the view in this combination <componentusageID.componentname/Mainwindow> here in our case CUexample.ZCUST/MainWindow.

4. Now save the changes at runtime repository.

5. Now if you go to configuration tab of BT111H_OPPT you will have your ZCUST component at available assignement blocks columns move that to visible side and make it direct r lazy one.

Now you ll have your ZCUST as assignment block at oppurtunity. As i have done one at BT111H_OPPT i felt easy to give you the steps. You just follow these at whichever component you want to add your custom component.

The points mentioned are for just adding an (assignment block)AB without any navigation just for displaying some data and also without context node binding. Because those are separate topics and need more things to do.

Hope this helps you.



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I have the same requirement. Actually I created new custom view in Sales Order(BT115H_SLSO). For this I checked in configurtion tab of BT115H_SLSO/SOHOverView View, which contains all the Displayed and Available Assignement Blocks(views).Now I got the requirement to add new veiw(Assignement Block) in Opportunity(BT111H_OPPT) , which you already added but my question is in which view's configuration tab I can find the Displayed and Available Assignement Blocks. Since they are found in OverView Page or View like I found in the above BT115H_SLSO/SOHOverView.

I heard that all the views( Assignement Blocks) can be found in OverView view of any component like above BT115H_SLSO/SOHOverView. But here in Opportunity I dont find any OverView view.

Could you please explain me??



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Take a look at building block document C04 - CRM WebClient User Interface. In chapter 10.3. (Integrate Add-Ins into Homepage) you can see how to create new Z component which will display your web dympro page. There you will also see, how to link this Z component to other component (in this case homepage, which must be in your case of course incorporated in opportunity).

For how to create new assignment block in opportunity you can also look at this link: [;