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My Content Catalog not present in SessionCatalogVersions ?

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Hi, I am trying to print the pick slip from order fulfillment prospective .But, the document page model is coming null because while flexible search , the sessionCatalogVersions'' does not content mycontent catalog. This is how sessionCatalogVersions retrieved 'getCatalogVersionService().getSessionCatalogVersions()'

sessionCatalogVersions have only product catalog versions.

My question is ,why sessionCatalogVersions doesn't have mycontentcatalog ?

Regards, Siddharth

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Answers (2)

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Hi Siddharth,

Have you tried adding the content catalogs to the "Readable catalog versions" or "Writable catalog versions" of the user that is logged in or to the group that the user belongs to?

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Hi Siddharth - Have you found solution for this issue?