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Move items between opportunities

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recently I need to realize a functionality to move a item from opportunity A to opportunity B. Opp. A has process type ZPT1, Opp. B has process type ZPT2.

I checked those possibilities:

a) use the BOL entity method copyItems für BTItem -> doesn't work as it copies an item within the same opp only

b) create related entity in opp B and move the item attributes to the newly created item -> doesn't work as I also like to move all related entities of the item from opp. A to opp. B.

c) simply change the parent GUID on DB level -> I a quite dirty way and I doubt if this works at all

Has somebody a hint how to realize such a "move" of an item from one opp to another? It would also be ok to create a new item in opp B and move the complete entity structure from opp A item, if this is possible.

Would be great if somebody had an idea!

Thanks and best regards,


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Hi Markus,

There is two basicaly trnasaction type you are creating ZPT1 and ZPT2 what I understand. you can achieve your requirment by copy control functionality where you can cotrol copy in item level and set restriction which item gets copy which will not.etc. Please check.

SPRO- CRM- Transactions- basic setting- copying control for business transaction.

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