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Migration of BUPAs and business agreements

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Its my first thread and my English is not so good but i hope you can understand my problem.

We have to migrate BUPAs from an NON-SAP system to an SAP CRM 7.0.

We use the LSMW for this with IDOC Basic type CRMXIF_PARTNER_SAVE01.

This is okay and works good.

But we also have to create an business agreement for each of this migrate BUPA and this is a little bit tricky.

So i know that there also an IDOC type for this but i want to link this creation to the migration of the BUPAs.

That means i want to migrate one BUPA and after a successful migration of one BUPA i want to create his business agreement and so on.

So how can i do this?

Thx for help

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No Idea? Or is my english to bad to understand?