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Migrate SAP CRM On-premise Customization to SAP S/4 Service Onpremise

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Our existing SAP CRM solutions is customized heavily with several screens, Fields and assignments blocks within the area of Lead, Opportunity, Quote and Activity Management, Service ticket and Service contracts.

Does SAP provide any tool to migrate this custom code from CRM On-premise solution to S/4 HANA Service On-premise.

Does this need to be re- developed again in the SAP S/4 Service On-premise solution ? Re-developing this custom code is very time taking, just wanted to check if SAP as any best practice or easy way of doing this.

Thank you,


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Hi Goutham,

I am also facing the similar issue.

We are working on a Greenfield implementation for SAP S/4 HANA Service. CRM Lead and Opportunity are in scope.

Now I need to upload the Leads and Opportunities from the legacy system (Non-SAP) to S/4 HANA.

I can get the data into excel files, but I don't find the relevant objects in the "Migrate your Data" app.

Please suggest me if you have already got the answer.



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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi ravi_crm150,

We're glad to have you in the community looking for answers to your questions, but you posted a questions as an answer which I converted to a comment to the question. Should you not get any response, please consider starting a new question thread.



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It depends.. most crm customizing tables still exist and are in use.

In spro you find almost all crm related entries under node 'Service'.

The data model changed, so AET field enhancements are obsolete (replaced by customer fields and logic fiori app - but only on header level).

AET table enhancements are still supported. (but only for orderadm_h and i)

Rapid application is kinda 'deactivated' (seems like SAP has no proper replacements, so rapid tools still exist).

Most UI components still exists - if still in use, the coding and customizing can be reused.

The new data model is transformed deep deep deeep from s4 to 1O and vice versa, so all known and loved function modules still work - BOL included ❤️

To get a quick overview check note 3123220 SAP Readiness Check for CX or Service - but depending on your developments you must check in detail what can just be copied, and what needs a redesign.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Goutham - SAP has recorded a session on this topic of moving from CRM to embedded CRM in S/4HANA - the blog here links to a recording that I recommend you watch. You may need to register for the Learning Hub Enterprise Support, but I could access it.

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The presentation looks good, But it does not provide good clarity about the tools that are used in migrate the configurations and customizations from SAP CRM to S4 HANA.

In the below slide, it was referring to a tool named SDC, What is this tool used for ? Is it some cockpit to migrate the configurations and customizations from SAP CRM to S/4 HANA ?

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