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Migrate from multi tenant architecture to CCV2

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There is a thought to migrate multi-tenant SAP Commerce (on-prem) to Commerce Cloud (CCV2).

Understand that CCV2 currently does not support multi-tenants.

In case, we would want to refactor this as SAP commerce cloud (Composable storefront), what are all the migration approaches and considerations?



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Hi @0021969339 '

A lot depends on the utilization of the multi-tenancy of SAP Commerce / Hybris. Moving from multi-tenancy to single tenancy of CCV2 / SAP Commerce Cloud brings up some key questions:

  1. Can the data/workflows be hosted on a single tenant? Are you able to segment the data appropriately on a single tenant to fulfill the business needs? Given that likely each tenant shares a common codebase, common domain model, but has a different data set - it is important to see if it is possible to model the current multi-tenant solution as a single tenant solution
  2. Do you need additional environments in CCV2? The other avenue is to "fake" multi-tenancy on CCV2 by the presence of additional Dev/Stage/Production environments. Each environment instance should have its own database, effectively separating the concerns. Additional environments might come at an additional cost on top of the existing CCV2 costs, so it is important to check with your SAP account rep to confirm.