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Message Class for "No result found"

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Hi *,

I search for the message class of Text "No result found". This text is shown in views, tables, etc. on the CRM Web-UI when there is no entry.

There must be two different Messages for this purpose. The view "My Saved Searches" has the message "No Results Found" the other views have "No result found".

I have to translate the message "No Results Found", to German and French because it seems that this translation is missing. Please have a look on the attached screenshot.

Kind regards,

Patrick Müller

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Patrick,

You can check table T100 for the related messages.

Here is what I got:

/SAPSLL/IF_CRM005No results found
CRM_CASE002No results found
CRM_FM_ACL065No results found
CRM_ICM_REL010No result found
CRM_IC_AIC006No result found
CRM_IC_APPL_RM_ALERT003No results found
CRM_LOY_BNFT042No results found
CRM_LOY_MEM_MSGS003No result found
CRM_LOY_MSH_UIU039No result found
CRM_LOY_PT_ACCT007No results found
CRM_LSTIL_AREP026No results found
CRM_MKTISM_APPLIC100No results found
CRM_MKTPL_IB_GEN000No results found
CRM_MKTTG_BW_RSDRCRM104No results found
CRM_TC_CONTRACT101No Result Found
CRM_UIU_MKTGEN052No results found
DAM_UI005No results found
LOY_BNFT042No results found
RSDRCRM_SEG104No results found
RSOS136No results found
RSTT0033No results found

Hope this helps.



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Hi Esra,

thank you for your answer. It was not the solution for this case but brought me on the right track.

Compared to the other views on the "Home Screen" the message for the view "Saved Searches" comes not from a message class but from an otr text.

You can find the text in package CRM_UIU_BT, the alias is CRM_UIU_BT/NORESULT

Thank you again and best regards,


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