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Media not found exception in production some of the server-Hybris 5.5

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Hi Team,

In production, we have 10 hybris cron servers in that 3 of the server emails are failing

when i open HMC->communication template ->it shows-> Error: Media not found (requested media location: h07/h49/46154283188254.bin)

if I update the below impex other server got affecting with same error

UPDATE RendererTemplate;code[unique=true];templateScript[lang=$lang,translator=de.hybris.platform.commerceservices.impex.impl.FileLoaderValueTranslator]


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Answers (1)

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Make sure the media folder is pointing the same directory on all nodes. Check property on all nodes and verify that media directory of all nodes are exactly the same.

I assume you are using a shared folder to store media, so make sure the shared folder is mounted on all nodes. One way to understand this is to create a dummy folder from one of the nodes in shared folder and to check on other nodes whether the newly created folder can be shown or not.

Hope this helps