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Marketing permissions - implicit opt out

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Hi Experts,

How do customers get this implicit opt outs? The customer in question has not opted out or anything and still, opt outs are showing in his profile under marketing permissions and now we are receiving outbound check failed for them when sending out campaigns.

The customer then also appears in the following segments, regardless of his profile showing marketing permissions opted out:

  • Interaction type Opt in for Marketing permission
  • Communication medium opt in-email
  • Communication medium opt in
  • Interaction type Outbound check failed

Can someone explain maybe what is the logic behind this?

And additionally, what is Origin in Marketing permissions tab exactly fetching? We have origins showing : email and phone, where web should be.

Thank you and kind regards,


FYI kumar.misra

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Jelena,

In the Configure Your Solution app, how were the following two configurations defined?

  1. Assign Contact ID Origin to Communication Medium
  2. Define Marketing Permission Check

They both have an influence on the implicit/explicit permissions per communication medium.

The origin is referring to where the contact was imported from.

Kind regards,


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Hello Mohannad,

Thank you kindly for your response to our request for information. we have checked the two configurations and adjusted data accordingly to sap documentation.

Best regards,


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