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Major diffrence between B2C and B2B internet sals

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Hi All,

Major diffrences between B2C and B2B in internet sals.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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The major difference is authorizations. B2B Having no self regestration, but in B2C self regestration is possible.


When a customer registers in the Web shop the system creates a user master record for the customer in SAP CRM and uses a reference user to determine the authorization roles for the B2C Web shop customer.


Whereas in CRM Web Channel B2B the Web shop manager and superusers have control of user creation, in the B2C scenario the system takes over once the system administrator has fulfilled his tasks.



Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Lakshmi Hi,

below are the difference b/w B2B and B2C scenario.


Registration as Consumer

Product Recommendations

Quick search in Product Catalog

Compare Products

Product Configuration

Price Information

Save data and call up shopping basket

Delivery address can be changed (Header Level)

Several payment methods can be supported (Invoice,cash on delivery,credit card)


Personalized view

Product Recommendations

Customer specific pricing in web Catalog and basket

Quick search in Product catalog

Compare Products

Quick order entry

Product configuration

Online availability check in product catalog

Order templates

Save data and call up shopping basket

Delivery addresses,type,and date can be set on item and header level.

Allot the points,If it helps!!



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In Internet Sales

In B2C...

The customer has to register himself

Product Recommendations are possible

We can search and compare the products quickly

Product and pricing information is available

Delivery address can be changed at header level only

Several payment methods are allowed

We can choose the delivery type

Later even can search the same order and check the status

In B2B..

Personalised views are possible

Customer specific pricing as per earlier agreement with thitye company

Online availability check in catalog for product availability

Order templates for different scenarios

Delivery address and type can be changed at item level too

Payment based on the terms during the agreement

Display of quotations, contracts, invoices, credit memos and down payments

Even we can request for quotation, contracts and its notifications online

Batchwise inputs like batchwise specifications, prices etc.

and the live web collaborations

hope it gives some clarity



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For B2B we have to register and B2C that is not required.



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Hi Lakshmi,

B2B scenario: Business to Business Scenario

Here customers are Only Sold-to-Partys

B2C Scenario: Business to Cunsumers

Here customers are Consumers (May be one time customer). We need to use reference Customer.

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